Golden Bahar Frying Oil

Bahar oil is a frying oil base on corn. An expert frying for meat and vegetable foodstuffs.

Golden Bahar oil has at least oil absorption and its super advanced formulation make frying stuffs very crunchy, delicious and crispy. Because the main ingredient of golden Bahar oil is corn, it’s a strong antioxidant that In addition to all the concessions made to the body, prevent the oxidation of the oil heat. This means that your fried food retains its natural vitamins and minerals, does not unpleasant smell and save the real pleasant taste.

Golden Bahar fried oil is a fantastic resource of Fytstrvl and vitamin E. Vitamin E strengthens the body’s cells and it’s very effective to strengthen the body safety system. Lower Cholesterol, cancer prevention, and most importantly, heart health is one of special privileges of golden Bahar oil.

With Golden Bahar Oil:

  • Oil doesn’t absorption in food stuffs
  • Doesn’t unpleasant smell
  • Does not change the original color and flavor of food,
  • And make a delicious food with nutritional value and natural for you

۸۰۰ Grams

۲۲۵۰ Grams