Bahar oil is the first frying oil in Iran. Exactly thirty years before winter of 1365 producing of Bahar frying oil due to food safety and nutrition values in Iran in different products, high quality and distinctive started. We strive every day to more efficient formulations and advances in technology to achieve high-quality product to Iranian dinner tables.

Today Bahar frying oil is a good collaborator and familiar to you in your kitchens. Better than any other oil is crisping, has a high smoke point and is resistant to heat. Bahar oil has a substantial amount of antioxidants that deliver delicious snack to you and your family and most importantly, prepared based on corn germ and adds corn properties fried foods to every meal: Rich source of vitamin B, contains folate that helps in the production of new cells, feed corn fiber significantly lowers blood cholesterol levels, and vitamins and minerals can have a good impact on the bone health of the skin and hair and the nail.

Bahar oil  Chosen by matrons and professional cooks, because it does not smoke, does not alter the color and taste of food and because a high percentage of saturated fatty acids than other oils is heat-resistant and has a long life. In addition to excellent performance and nutritional health is a unique product for delicious and golden foods.